Obama Advertises on Drudge

By Theresa Cook

Jan 2, 2008 2:37pm

Given Senator Barack Obama’s recent comments about Gore and Kerry, trial lawyers and others, he has aroused the wrath of the liberal blogosphere.

Daily Kos, Atrios, and others. The "netroots," as they call themselves.

So it was unusual to see that Obama was advertising on the Drudge Report, as you can see HERE.

I read Drudge’s website frequently and have come to admire his entrepreneurship. But his politics do seem to lean to the right, and liberal Democrats — even though they may read Drudge regularly — may see Obama’s advertising there as somehow philosophically disloyal.

You can almost anticipate the netroots’ reaction, pumped up by rival campaigns: "Obama’s putting your campaign contributions in the pocket of one of the conservatives who tried to bring down Bill Clinton!"

On the other hand, that’s where the eyeballs are, right?

I should point out that it’s the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton that actually claims to have a symbiotic relationship with Mr. Drudge these days (read more on that HERE)… knocking a big Obama speech off the front page by leaking him some impressive fundraising statistics earlier this year.

UPDATE: Obama spox Bill Burton says: "Even if it’s true, it wasn’t intentional, the site isn’t on the approved list of sites we advertise on."

- jpt

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