Obama, After Tough NH Loss: “Vote Came Just a Little Short”

Jan 9, 2008 7:52pm

ABC’s David Wright, Andy Fies, and Sunlen Miller report:

Barack Obama, just one day after conceding the NH primary to Senator Clinton, hit the campaign trail again.

Appearing at a rally for change event in Jersey City, Obama appeared sluggish, "My voice is hoarse, my eyes are a little weary, my back is a little sore," Obama told the crowd, "But my spirit is strong."

The crowd, estimated at 3,000, cheered Obama on.

"My vote came just a little short," Obama explained about the result from the New Hampshire primary, but was quick to remind people of his win in Iowa, "Something is stirring…all across America, we first saw it in Iowa last Thursday."

Losing in a surprise ending in New Hampshire to Clinton by two points, was devastating to the campaign, especially when the week prior all signs were pointed to an Obama win in the early state.

But Obama insisted that there’s a positive to come out of the loss, "It reminds us that change isn’t easy…change is hard, change is always met by resistance from the status quo, people in power who don’t want to give it up," a subtle jab to his top competitor and her husband’s reign of power in Washington.

The crowd chanted "Yes we can," a phrase instituted during his concession speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday night.

"We saw after New Hampshire even though we didn’t win we hear people change ‘yes we can’."

The rally, at St. Peter’s college started late due to the mass of people trying to filter in, and a line that stretched around a whole city block. Obama addressed the overflow crowd, estimated at 1,500 by a bullhorn.

Obama’s southern swing starts tomorrow with a rally in Charleston, SC before he makes his way out West, to Nevada on Friday.

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