Obama is WHERE?

Jan 30, 2008 8:39pm

ABC News’ Kate Snow Reports: Claude Dixon was pumped up and ready to see his favorite candidate tonight.

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is "inspirational" he said, "what this country needs".

The Phoenix resident flew across the country to attend the Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Atlanta with his sister, Anita Thomas. They’d made their plans long ago, over Thanksgiving dinner.

Just one problem.

Senator Obama is not speaking in Atlanta tonight. Obama is in Phoenix -just miles from the home Dixon left on Saturday to make the trek here.

Obama, along with Senator Hillary Clinton and Jformer Sen. John Edwards, were all invited to speak at the JJ Dinner in Atlanta. But Obama was never scheduled to appear. Edwards had been scheduled but dropped out of the race earlier today.

It’s no consolation to Dixon that he will have a chance to see Senator Hillary Clinton live and in person.

"I didn’t come to see Hillary," he laughed.

Dixon said he’s always voted. But at age 45 he said he had never been so excited about a presidential race. Ever since last January, he has watched every single debate– been glued to the television and internet.

But somehow he missed the news that Obama would appear at a rally at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in his own backyard tonight. He said he would have taken his two young sons to see the Senator if he had known.

Dixon has seen Obama once before, at Arizona State University. He shook Obama’s hand.

Anita has seen Obama in person several times as well. She too thought she’d be seeing him here in Georgia tonight.

They say they’ll try to catch up with Obama soon.

But Dixon probably won’t travel across the country again without double checking the program first.

As for tonight, he’s listening to a Senator he has no intention of voting for. But at least he’s getting a good meal out of it– cornish game hen, steamed vegetables, and vanilla pudding.

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