Bill Clinton: Texas and Ohio or Bust

Feb 20, 2008 3:35pm

ABC News’ Sarah Amos Reports: The day after Sen. Hillary Clinton added two more states to her election losing streak, her number one surrogate and husband, Bill Clinton, told a crowd in Beaumont, TX that if she doesn’t win Texas and Ohio, she most likely will not win the nomination.

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

"You probably like it that this election has come down to Texas and Ohio. If she wins Texas and Ohio I think she will be the nominee. If you don’t deliver for her, I don’t think she can be. It’s all on you,"  Clinton told the audience right at the top of his speech. 

In the past few days, Clinton has made a point to stress the importance of winning Texas and Ohio.  However, usually the comments are optimistic and end with him saying a win in Texas will lead to a win in other states — such as Pennsylvania — and eventually get her the nomination.

In front of the crowd of about 500, the former President admitted Wednesday for the first time that a loss in Texas could mean the end of her campaign. It was an unusual statement for the Clinton, in what was an unusual morning of events. 

The Clinton campaign held both of the former President’s events outdoors, using the beds of pickup trucks as a stage. Attendees braved rain and wind at both events to come out and see Bill speak.

In Beaumont, handshaking was even cut short as light rain turned into a heavier downpour.

In Galveston, President Clinton made no mention of his wife’s losses in Wisconsin or Hawaii Tuesday night, instead stressing her ability to win in a general election. 

"We have got to elect somebody who can deliver the goods and go toe-to-toe with Senator McCain on the national security issue, economic issues and on the issues that affect our future," Clinton told the crowd.

And to get to that general election, Hillary needs Texas help, Clinton stressed again telling voters to really think about their choice and not just be swayed by speeches and feelings. 

"If you want somebody who will put this country in the solutions business, if you want somebody who will move us beyond partisan politics by getting us to work together, she is your candidate.  If you want the feeling instead of the fact of change, if you want the speech instead of the solution, you have another choice," he said.

Clinton also urged to remember to vote in both the primary and the caucus, in order to give Hillary two victories on March 4.

"This is a big deal. it would be a sad thing if she won the election in the daytime and it got taken away at night – and the delegates – because we didn’t show up," Clinton said.

Clinton still has two more stops to make today, visiting Victoria, TX before rounding out the day with a rally in Houston tonight.

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