Clinton Personally Offended By Obama Fliers

Feb 24, 2008 1:41pm

ABC News’ Eloise Harper Reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. came to the back of her press plane Sunday morning to inspect some decorations that had been added by the camera crews. She also answered some questions about Ralph Nader, the fliers being circulated by the Obama campaign, and her campaign finances.

Clinton was surprised that Nader was running and the rationale he cited that the Democrats were too closely tied to special interests. "Did he really?" Clinton said. "Well, that’s really unfortunate. I remember when he did this before and it didn’t turn out very well for anyone. Most especially for our country."

Clinton also lamented about what Nader’s run did for Al Gore’s chances of being president back in 2000. "Obviously it is not helpful to whoever the democratic nominee is. But it’s a free county I don’t know what party he will run on. I guess he will run -– what did he run on last time -– the Green Party –- well, you know his being on the Green Party prevented Al Gore being the greenest president we ever had and that’s really unfortunate."

Clinton was asked about the fliers and what her reaction was to them. "I was personally really offended by it" Clinton said. "I thought they had stopped. They had been discredited and we called their hand and I thought that it had stopped or at least that it would have been revised to take into account what was a series of false and misleading statements –- so when this woman on the rope line said ‘look at what I have been given,’ I was really surprised." When Clinton was challenged and informed that the fliers had been out for months Clinton said with frustration, "I thought it had stopped, I mean we took them on, we took them on when we first learned about them."

When asked about her reaction to her husband’s comments about Jesse Jackson, Clinton said to stay tuned: "I’ll have more to say about that some day."

Clinton was also asked about reports circulating that her campaign has not paid back bills to vendors that are owed thousands of dollars. Clinton quickly dismissed the question saying, "That always happens in a campaign, that’s the way campaigns are."

On a lighter note, Clinton was very amused with the decorations that were posted around the plane. One sign in particular caught her attention: "Hillary’s Pantsuit Schedule." It lists "Mondays: Electric Blue, Tuesdays: Autumn Brown…Sundays: Sunshine Yellow." Clinton belted out a laugh when she recognized that it was Sunday and sure enough, Clinton was wearing a yellow pants suit.

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