Clinton Roadshow Speeding Towards Tuesday

By Dotcomabc

Feb 3, 2008 9:09am

ABC’s Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Clinton greeted a screaming crowd in Albuquerque, NM. Clinton acknowledged Gov. Bill Richardson and told the crowd that her husband and Richardson would be watching the Super Bowl together. "Tomorrow my husband will be here to watch the Super Bowl with Bill. My understanding is: do not get between Bill Clinton, and Bill Richardson and the TV set when the Super Bowl is on."

Clinton launched a variation on her stump speech today, leading phrases with "The America I see …" and following that with points about affordable health care, college, and ending the war in Iraq. Clinton has been introducing McCain into her stump speech, reminding voters that he envisions leaving troops in Iraq for 100 years. Clinton now says that she wants to start bringing "them out in 100 days." Up until this point Clinton has said that she will begin bringing troops home within 60 days of becoming president.

For the second event in a row, a person in the crowd fainted -– and both times Clinton’s daughter Chelsea came to the rescue. At an event in Tucson, AZ, Chelsea jumped on stage and grabbed her mother’s water bottle to deliver it to the ailing audience member. At the event in Albuquerque, Chelsea, along with other staffers, rushed around, trying to get help for the fallen audience member.

Clinton heads to St Louis, Mo. tonight, concluding her tour of the west before Super Tuesday.

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