Clinton Standard Time

By Jaketapper

Feb 7, 2008 4:05pm

At 3:51 pm ET, the principal here at Washington Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia, just announced that Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY — who was supposed to be here for a 2:30 p.m. ET rally — will be at least another 20 minutes. If not more.

The kids don’t seem to be to bothered by it — they’ve missed half a day of school, either way — but some of the adults from around here are a little peeved.

"I’ve got a life to lead," one of them said.

Candidates are late all the time on the road, but this is a bit different. Clinton has been in the area since yesterday, and her campaign office — where I’m told she is — is just 10 minutes away.

The principal made a joking reference to hoping that Clinton wouldn’t make a practice of being as late as her husband used to be when he was president. That was about 45 minutes ago, though.

Clinton’s regular traveling press corps says this is pretty standard.

What could be more important that meeting voters in Virginia, where the primary is just five days away? (And by the way, Clinton is due at a rally in Seattle, WA, later tonight, into which this delay will indubitably spill over.)

We’re waiting to hear what’s going on.

– jpt

UPDATE: She finally showed up, at 4:20 pm ET. The crowd was praised for its patience.

UPDATE #2: Sen. Clinton was late, I’m told, because she was taping an interview with Katie Couric for 60 Minutes.

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