Clinton’s New Anti-Obama Mailer

By Dotcomabc

Feb 17, 2008 2:08pm

"Barack Obama, Which of These People Don’t Deserve Health Care?" asks a new campaign mailer in Wisconsin for Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, with a picture of seven voters — a diverse group, as if Benetton also made clothes for retirees.

You can read the mailer HERE.

"Barack Obama’s Health Care Plan Leaves 15 Million Americans Without Coverage," says the second page. Then, ominously: "Will It Be You?"

The mailer says "Obama’s Plan Says ‘No We Can’t'" … and also accuses the plan of "wast(ing) billions, costing taxpayers $1700 more per newly covered person," accuses Obama of having "launched ‘Harry and Louise’ type attacks on Hillary’s plan … using Republican and insurance company talking points…"

And also, comes the obligatory critical quote from New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, a strong critic of Obama, who accused Obama in one column of "unscrupulous demagoguery." Another side of the mailer provides more of the Krugman quote.

We will provide a more thorough fact check of the mailer in a bit …

On first blush, the main charge seems misleading, since what leaves people uninsured under Obama’s plan is the lack of a mandate requiring them to sign up for health insurance with the threat of a penalty. So it’s the people themselves who will decided if they’re left out — not Obama.

But more later…

– jpt

UPDATE: We took a more thorough look at the mailer HERE.

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