Hillary: Barack Obama Won’t Keep Your Kids Safe

By Jennifer Parker

Feb 29, 2008 10:23am

Entering a proud tradition of Democrats trying to scare the beejesus out of voters by implying the rival candidate may be responsible for a nuclear holocaust, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, began airing a new TV ad today.

Watch it HERE.

The ad has already been compared with LBJ’s ground-breaking fear-mongering ad "Daisy," which you can watch HERE

…as well as Walter Mondale’s 1984 classic "Red Phone," which you can watch HERE.

Noted the Mondale ad: “The most awesome, powerful responsibility in the world lies in the hand that picks up this phone.

"The idea of an unsure, unsteady, untested hand is something to really think about.

"Vote as if the future of the world is at stake, because it is. Mondale. This President will know what he’s doing, and that’s the difference.”

The Clinton ad isn’t quite that stark, but it makes the same point.

And what do you think?

- jpt

UPDATE: ABC News’ Teddy Davis reports that on a conference call this morning, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe said that "Sen. Clinton has already had her red phone moment," referring to Clinton voting wito authorize the use of force in Iraq. Plouffe also criticized Clinton for not reading the National Intelligence Estimate pertaining to pre-war Iraq, saying that she did not do "her homework."

UPDATE 2: The Obama campaign just sent around its candidate’s prepared remarks at a VFW Hall in Houston, Texas, which includesthe following:

"I just want to take a moment to respond to an ad that Senator Clinton is apparently running today that asks, ‘Who do you want answering the phone in the White House when it’s 3am and something has happened in the world?’

"We’ve seen these ads before.  They’re the kind that play on peoples’ fears to scare up votes.

"Well it won’t work this time.  Because the question is not about picking up the phone.  The question is – what kind of judgment will you make when you answer?  We’ve had a red phone moment.  It was the decision to invade Iraq.  And Senator Clinton gave the wrong answer.  George Bush gave the wrong answer.  John McCain gave the wrong answer.

"But I stood up and said that a war in Iraq would cost us thousands of lives and billions of dollars.  I said that it would distract us from the real threat we face – and that we should take the fight to al Qaeda in Afghanistan.  That’s the judgment I made on the most important foreign policy decision of our generation, and that’s the kind of judgment I’ll show when I answer that phone in the White House as President of the United States – the judgment to keep us safe, to go after our real enemies, and to provide the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States with the equipment they need when we do send them into battle, and the respect and care they have earned when they come home.  And I’ll never see the threat of terrorism as a way to scare up votes, because it’s a threat that should rally this country around our common enemies.  That’s the judgment we need at 3am. And that’s the judgment that I am running for President to provide."

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