Huckabee vs. Romney in Georgia — and Dallas in the Super Bowl?

By Dotcomabc

Feb 3, 2008 1:01pm

ABC’s Kevin Chupka reports: During a press conference outside Atlanta this morning, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee maintained his harsh rhetoric for Mitt Romney, but explained better why he’s focusing so much on the former Massachusetts governor and largely leaving Sen. John McCain unscathed. “John McCain has not been dismissive of me.  He’s not suggested through his surrogates or himself going out and saying that I will drop out of the race and I appreciate that he recognizes me as a worthy competitor and not as a nuisance that’s keeping me from it”

Huckabee has spent the last several days lashing out at Romney using language we have not seen since the run up to the Iowa caucuses when Huckabee went decidedly negative in his stump speech and stopped a negative TV ad from running at the eleventh hour.  Today in Georgia, where Huckabee is making a push to take some of the state’s 72 delegates, he told reporters, "If anyone should step aside, maybe Mr. Romney should — after all, he’s the one that spent $100 million to have the same market share that I’ve had for $7 million.  I would say that anyone with an MBA from Harvard Business School probably would look at that kind of analysis and say, ya know, his product isn’t selling as well as mine is for the amount of money he spent on the market."

Huckabee reiterated what he’s been saying all week; that he is in this race until someone hits the magic number of 1191 delegates, or as he put it, "until the final bell."

As for the most important question of the day, one reporter asked simply, "Giants or Pats?"  The Governor deftly dodged the question, saying, "Dallas Cowboys, next year –- ya gotta understand, when it comes to a game between two northeast teams, God bless ‘em both but I’m a Cowboys fan."

Go Giants!

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