Obama Camp Challenges Clinton on Health care Mailer

Feb 17, 2008 1:54pm

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: The presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama put out big gun backer Sen. Ted Kennedy and the Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle to respond to the negative Clinton camapign mailer on health care being distributed in Wisconsin.

Kennedy said he was shocked and surprised that Clinton would put out a mailer like this, ad called it a "distortion, misrepresentation, and wrong." He referenced Clinton’s health care fight in 1994 – and said similar negative ads were what contributed to the sinking it – so essentially said that Clinton should have learned from that. Kennedy said health care in the cause of his life, and that he would never have supported Obama if he wasn’t the one who could get comprehensive health care done.

Gov. Doyle echoed Kennedy’s remarks, saying "too bad Clinton has gone to this."

Doyle took more issue with the fact that Clinton has not been in the state much and has a schedule change on Monday and Tuesday, spending even less time in the state, "She only arrived in this state yesterday….before she ever came to this state she started running negative ads."

The conversation also strayed to public financing – as the Clinton campaign holds a conference call about this soon.

National press secretary bill Burton denied that he’s really concerned about the Clinton campaign or McCain campaign saying that Obama broke the pledge on public financing, "I think we’re in a pretty good spot actually…the only reason this is an option on the table is because we pursued it. As for McCain – interesting that he has a new found interest in public financing when he voted against it in 1995. "

Obama spokesman Bill Burton says that based on the pattern of the Clinton campaign he expect to see more negative ads and mailers in the future, "Well the pattern we’ve seen over the course of campaign is when the Clinton campaign is down in the polls and not going well for them, they have responded with negative attacks. No reason to think they are going to change that pattern."

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