President Clinton Touts Hillary’s New Base of Internet Support

By Dotcomabc

Feb 9, 2008 3:41pm

ABC News’ Sarah Amos reports: President Clinton is trying a new strategy on the campaign trail today.  Instead of just telling the crowds in Virginia why he is backing Hillary, he is letting the emails of others prove the support his wife is gathering across the country. 

In Chesapeake, Va. and later in Richmond, the former President took the stage and began his speech by telling crowds how Sen. Clinton is the “underdog” of this election.

“She has been running basically since Iowa as the underdog — if you look at the coverage every time she wins, you can’t tell whether she has won or not.  But she just keeps on going,” Clinton told a crowd of 2,000 in Chesapeake this morning.

Touting Hillary’s underdog status is nothing new for this campaign, but Clinton went on to talk about the growing Internet support her campaign has gathered.  That grass roots, Internet base is a group of people usually synonymous with the Obama campaign.  But not any more, according to President Clinton. 

“An interesting thing has happened after Super Tuesday. When the voters finally realized that because she has not broken through on the Internet” they stepped up, Clinton said, adding that “since the Feb. 5th election, almost $9 million has been given to her in small amounts over the Internet.”

Just to make sure Clinton’s point was clear, he then began reading some of the emails from the contributors aloud to the crowd. 

“OK, I have never donated more than 20 bucks, and I am a very much in debt public school teacher.  I challenge all of you to donate $100.  Hillary will listen to teachers, she understands what we need to [do to] reform our education system,” read one email.

Another said “We could go out to eat tonight; instead we are going to eat at home and give the money we saved to Hillary’s campaign.”

Clinton read a handful of the letters to the clapping audience, even cracking himself up as he read the line “Donating to Hillary makes me happier than a new pair of shoes,” in the final email.

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