What a Coincidence!

By Nitya

Feb 27, 2008 7:26am

The Huntsville (Alabama) Times reports that those viewers hoping to watch a 60 Minutes report on whether former Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman’s prison term for federal bribery was part of an alleged GOP plot were treated instead to 12 minutes of black screen and silence.

"Did the local CBS affiliate intentionally pull the plug on the show because it put Siegelman in a favorable light and Republicans in a really, really bad one?" asks the newspaper.

"No, said WHNT general manager Stan Pylant. It was just awful timing for a piece of equipment to break down, he said."

The Alabama Democratic Party has asked the Federal Communications Commission to look into the matter, with the executive director saying "It has come to the attention of many Democrats in north Alabama and that the principal owners of WHNT are Bush Pioneers (people who have raised $100,000 or more for the President’s election campaigns) and major Republican donors. Many suspect that the enormous pressure was put on CBS to not air the Siegelman story. If CBS received political pressure to stifle the First Amendment rights of the network or affiliate, the FCC and Congress should take appropriate oversight into the matter."

The NYT takes a look at this as well HERE.

What a weird world.

- jpt

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