While Visions of Exit Polls Danced in Their Heads

By Jennifer Parker

Feb 13, 2008 7:10am

Some interesting numbers to contemplate from the Commonwealth (NOT state) of Virginia and Maryland.

Blacks in Virginia accounted for just 30% of Democratic voters.

Obama won Virginia white Democrats overall 52-47.

Clinton only won Democratic white women in Virginia by 6 points.

Obama won white men in both Maryland and Virginia — though it was much closer in Maryland.

Almost half — 49% — of Virginia Republicans described McCain as not conservative enough.

In Maryland and Virginia approximately 6 in 10 "conservatives" felt that way.

For the second time, Obama won Hispanic voters somewhere…in Virginia’s small Latino population. (Quiz question – what’s the only other state?)*

Evangelicals in Virginia — 46% of GOP voters. Huckabee won them 2-to-1.

Non-evangelicals in Virginia — 54% of GOP voters. McCain won them 63-25%.

McCain won conservatives in Maryland for the third time this primary season. (Quiz question — what are the other two?)**

What say you?***

- jpt

** New York and New Jersey
***Numbers come from an analysis by ABC News’ Gary Langer, Rich Morin, Peyton Craighill, Pat Moynihan and Scott Clement.

NOTE: Due to a typo in a polling memo I was working off from, I had originally repeated that Obama won white women in Maryland. He did NOT. He lost them to Clinton by 18 points.

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