Bill Clinton Says No Re-Vote in MI and FL is a Deliberate Attempt to Disenfranchise Voters

By Michael Elmore

Mar 24, 2008 3:01pm

ABC News’ Sarah Amos Reports: Former President Bill Clinton celebrated the Polish holiday Dingus Day in South Bend, IN this morning, rallying Hooisers around his wife Hillary’s campaign.
Clinton had strong words when talking about the decision not to hold new primaries in Michigan and Florida, saying the decision is "a deliberate attempt to disenfranchise" voters.

"I must say that this new strategy of denying and disempowering and disenfranchising the voters in Florida and Michigan is, I believe, a terrible mistake. Hillary believes their votes should be counted. And I don’t know how we’re gonna go to those people
in the general election and say you gotta vote for us even though we dumped all over you in the primary," Clinton told a crowd at the Westside Democratic Club in South Bend.

Clinton later warned a crowd at a nearby Elk’s Club of the same problem by keeping Florida and Michigan out of the primary process, adding that Senator McCain is a strong candidate in both Michigan and Florida, but Hillary is stronger.
A re-vote in Florida and Michigan would greatly benefit Senator Clinton’s attempt to gain delegates and overtake Sen. Obama, D-Ill., in the popular vote. Senator Clinton won both of the original primary votes, however, she was the only major candidate to appear on the Michigan ballot and none of the candidates campaigned in either state.

The former President also spoke confidently about Hillary’s chances in a general election, "I believe she will win Ohio, Florida, West Virginia and Arkansas, four states we have lost the last two times. If we win Ohio and Florida it is inconcieveable that we can lose the election," Clinton told a group at a local Elks Club.
"Look if we win these four states we will win the White House, there is no point in doing this if we are not going to win," reiterated to the crowd.

Clinton was joined by his daughter Chelsea, who told the crowd she would be spending lots of time in Indiana this week, visiting colleges and talking with young voters across the state.
Former Lt. Governor of Maryland, and daughter of Robert F. Kennedy, Kathleen Townsend, joined the Clintons on the stump today. Townsend spoke of her fond memories of South Bend and how one of the first songs her parents taught her was the Notre Dame fight song.
Clinton now heads south in the Hooiser state, with three more camapign stops for Hillary today.

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