Bill Clinton Says He’s Happy the Election Process Is a Long One

Mar 7, 2008 11:24pm

ABC News’ Sarah Amos reports: The sight of Bill Clinton — stumping to a crowd of eager Democrats on a snowy night seems much more appropriate for Iowa in Decemeber than Mississippi in March — but by now most voters have come to expect the unusual when it comes to presidential politics.

So as snow rolled into Tupelo, Miss., so did the former president — eager to tell the Democrats of Mississippi why Hillary was the best choice for President.

Clinton spoke at a fish fry being sponsored by the camapign. The former president showed up long after the crispy fish had been devoured, but told the crowd he was holding out hope for some.

"I hope you got some fish, this is supposed to be a fish fry. More important I hope I get some before I have to leave," Clinton said.

Clinton spoke for around an hour, sharing Hillary’s plans for everything from solving the health crisis in America to making America more energy efficient.

Clinton began his speech by acknowledging the campaign’s excitment over their victories in Ohio and Texas.

"This has been an amazing week for my whole family. We had a great night Tuesday in Texas and Ohio and Rhode Island," Clinton began. "I told some of the folks I met backstage that it looked like a re-make of that movie ‘Troy,’ we had 100,000 people volunteering on both sides. I thought there was going to be blood in the streets. It was great."

Clinton also acknowledged the extrodinary circumstances that have carried this nomination process farther than anyone expected. The crowd of more than 1,000 in Tupelo probably understands that better than most. Many voters commented that more attention has been given to their primary this year than they can ever remember from years past.

"This is the darndest campaign I ever saw in my life. It just goes on and on, but I like that," Clinton told the crowd.

"A lot of people think it ought to be shut down. I don’t. With the last election in June, June the 7th, everybody acts like that’s the end of the world. That’s good for the Democrats," Cinton continued. "Let these elections go on. Let the people have their say. Let the debates go on. This is a good deal. It will make sure that we can win in November and we CAN win in November!"

With the birthplace of Elvis serving as Tupelo’s main claim to fame, President Clinton couldn’t resist at least one Elvis mention.

"I’m especially glad to be here because when I ran for president in ’92 my code name with the Secret Service was Elvis and it’s a good thing it’s still early so I won’t try to prove it," Clinton jokingly told the crowd.

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