Clinton Doesn’t Deny Campaign is Pushing Wright Story to Superdelegates

By Jennifer Parker

Mar 20, 2008 1:56pm

ABC News’ Eloise Harper Reports: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign has strictly maintained a public position not to comment on Sen. Barack Obama’s relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Many times, questions have been answered with — "you will have to ask Senator Obama about that."

However at a Thursday press availability in Terra Haute, Indiana after a report surfaced that the Clinton campaign was pushing the Wright story to superdelegates arguing that the relationship hurt Obama’s electibility -– Clinton refused to deny that her campaign was pushing the story.

When asked, Clinton ignored the Wright portion of the question and said “well my campaign has been making the case that I am the most electable that I have said that for a year or more that I am the person best able to make the challenges that our country faces as commander in chief.”

When Clinton was then asked specifically if her campaign was pushing the Wright story –- she shrugged and took the next question, ignoring the reporter.

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

Later, Clinton spokesperson Doug Hattaway told ABC News:"She was and is unaware of anyone on the campaign pushing [the Wright] issue with superdelegates. She wants anyone who is talking to superdelegates to focus on our message, which is that she’s best prepared to be president and beat John McCain."

When asked if Clinton had asked her surrogates and those reaching out to superdelegates on her behalf to stay away from the Rev. Wright issue specifically, Hattaway told ABC News: "Since she is unaware of anyone doing that, I assume it hasn’t come up."

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