Factcheck.org: Clinton Camp Did NOT Darken Obama’s Skin in Ad

By Jennifer Parker

Mar 6, 2008 1:43pm

Our friends at Factcheck.org assess the claim made by some liberal bloggers that the Clinton camp appeared to have darkened Obama’s skin in a TV ad.

They find the claim to be without merit, saying "without further evidence to the contrary, we see no reason to conclude that this is anything more than a standard attempt to make an attack ad appear sinister, rather than a special effort to exploit racial bias as some Obama supporters are saying."

Factcheck.org acknowledges that the "Obama frames from the ad do appear darker than other video of Obama from the same event" but say a digital recording of the ad as it actually appeared on TV shows Obama as lighter than the Youtube clips the bloggers were using.

"Furthermore, our analysis of the Obama frames, using Photoshop, shows a fairly uniform darkening of the entire image including the backdrop. It is not just Obama’s skin color that’s affected…nearly all the images in the ad are dark, including those of Hillary Clinton. And dark images are a common technique used in attack ads."

A lot of people commenting to my original post said that Obama was playing the race card. As I stated then, Obama’s campaign had nothing to do with the question being raised, it was liberal bloggers — Obama supporters, perhaps, but not the campaign.

- jpt

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