Game Time

By Jennifer Parker

Mar 7, 2008 9:15am

Match the Obama aide with the country and the screw-up (Note: includes future projected screw-ups. Also note: this is just a joke. Relax.)

1. Austan Goolsbee
2. Samantha Power
3. Greg Craig
4. Robert Gibbs
5. David Axelrod
6. David Plouffe
7. Steve Hildebrand
8. Tommy Vietor

1. Canada
2. Scotland
3. Jordan
4. Sweden
5. Monaco
6. Chad
7. The Vatican
8. Kuwait

1. Told Canadian diplomats to ignore candidate’s anti-NAFTA rhetoric
2. Told local newspaper Hillary Clinton is a "monster"
3. Poured soup on prime minister’s lap
4. Tried to smuggle kitten out of country
5. Wore native tribal dress and yelled "Happy Halloween"!
6. Threatened to nuke country after customs agent was rude
7. Kept referring to country as "Constantinople"
8. Brought take-out to state dinner

- jpt

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