It’s Not Over…

By Lee Speigel

Mar 22, 2008 3:08pm

ABC News’ Kate Snow and Eloise Harper report:  It’s not over.

That’s the message out of the Clinton campaign today.

On a conference call with reporters Saturday, campaign aides responded to an article posted on that states that “Hillary Rodham Clinton has virtually no chance of winning” the nomination.

The article also quotes an anonymous “important Clinton adviser” as saying privately that Clinton has no more than a ten percent chance of winning her race against Barack Obama.

“Sen. Clinton has been counted out many times in this campaign,” said communications director Howard Wolfson.  “The press has on several occasions decided the campaign was over, Sen. Clinton was through.  And each time voters decided … the campaign was not over.”

Wolfson said he had no idea who the unnamed “important Clinton advisor” was, but said that the ten percent comment did not reflect sentiment within the campaign.

“There are ten states yet to come. We have millions more Americans who are going to weigh in and express their preferences,” he said.

Wolfson argued that Clinton would do well in Pennsylvania and emerge from a victory there with momentum going into the remaining contests.  He said strong online fundraising was proof that Clinton’s supporters “do not want this race to end.”

“Obviously, we have to do well,” he said.  “There’s no question about that.”

He also said that one of the reasons the Obama campaign has reacted with negative attacks since losing in Texas and Ohio was because “they expected it to be over on March 5th and were stunned” when it wasn’t.

“If they thought this race was over, they wouldn’t be excoriating Sen. Clinton daily in personal terms,” Wolfson added.

Indeed, much of the conference call was devoted to scolding the Obama campaign for being negative.

It’s not that the Clinton campaign is claiming they haven’t been negative in their attacks on Obama.  They seemed to concede that they, too, have launched negative attacks.  But they contend that Obama promised his supporters something different, a better kind of politics, and in their view, he isn’t keeping his word.

Specifically, the Clinton campaign is complaining about a conference call the Obama campaign held on Friday in which they charged that Clinton is untrustworthy and has a “character gap” and a “perceived honesty gap.”

“I would invite the Obama campaign to play the tape of their call yesterday at all of their rallies in which Sen. Obama comes out and talks to his supporters about the need to change the tone in our politics and the need to elevate the discussion in our politics,” Wolfson said. “I think their supporters would be very surprised that this is the kind of campaign they’re running.”

Senator and President Clinton have both taken a short break from the campaign trail this weekend.  Neither will be campaigning today or tomorrow.

“She is, I’m sure, gonna be on the phone with staff today,” said Wolfson.  “I doubt she’ll do a lot of that tomorrow. But she’s primarily taking a couple of days around the Easter holiday down with her family.”

Following her mother’s victories in Ohio and Texas earlier this month, Chelsea Clinton took a break from the trail, as well, and has been catching up at work at her hedge fund job in New York City.

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