Meeting Folks, Getting Votes — Bill Clinton’s Last Push in Texas

By Lee Speigel

Mar 4, 2008 7:55pm

ABC News’ Sarah Amos reports: Former President Bill Clinton spent the day in Texas shaking hands in support of his wife’s candidacy, and worrying out loud about unconfirmed reports of vote irregularities.

As he made his way to an elementary school in Austin, the former president told the crowd, "We have had some very disturbing reports at some places where Hillary is strong, that people are coming to these places and saying that the caucuses have been cancelled and they don’t have to come back, and I just got two different calls about it, so we just gotta emphasize that there is going to be a caucus at every one of these polling centers."

Watch the VIDEO HERE.

While none of these claims have been verified, Clinton went on to tell reporters that there have also been reports of tampering with Texas caucus sign-in sheets. 

"The other thing is that some people have been told, apparently, that there is going to be an effort to sign up in advance and slip the sheets in. And nobody’s signature counts unless you sign up after the polls close, so we are going to have a caucus at every polling site, and you cannot sign until the caucus begins — that’s the only signatures that are worthwhile. We gotta get everybody to play by the rules. It’s a little bit complicated, but we can do it, and it is going to be a great night," said Clinton.

Clinton was enthusiastic and optimistic about today’s election results, suggesting the momentum may be moving in his wife’s favor.

"This things moving a lot, you can just feel it in the last three or four days, people are finally beginning to take a serious look at the election, at the choices they have," Clinton told reporters at the polling location, adding "the more people know her, the more they come to trust her, the more they believe in her, the more they realize she delivers." 

The ex-president showed some early reservation about Ohio voter turnout due to heavy storms across the state.  "Its a good turnout here, and the weather’s good over most of Texas today, different from Ohio where the weather is very bad in a lot of parts of Ohio, so it’s hard to know," said Clinton.

As soon as Clinton walked through the doors of the student center at Texas State University in San Marcos, he was mobbed by students and faculty alike.  However, most in the crowd seemed more interested in having him sign their sneakers or answer to the name "Bubba," than promising to vote for Hillary. 

"Thank you for supporting her — thank you," Clinton said. "You oughta go back to the caucus tonight, bring some of your friends. But nobody can go if they don’t vote today. "

Clinton did 58 interviews on radio and TV today, since 6 a.m., from inside his car, in-between stops. At one location, he stayed in the car, finishing a round of interviews before going into a restaurant.

While Clinton was focused on his wife all day, one reporter tried to get him to speak about the OTHER candidate and his involvement with a certain legal case in Chicago. 

"I think that that is not for me to say," said Clinton, in regard to Sen. Barack Obama’s involvement in the ongoing Tony Rezko trial in Chicago.  "The main thing, like any other, is facts should come out and then voters can decide."

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