Obama on Ferraro

By Jennifer Parker

Mar 19, 2008 8:55am

I thought this part of Nightline anchor Terry Moran’s exclusive interview with Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois — where he addressed the racially-charged comments by Hillary-backing former vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro — was particularly interesting:

"You think about the experience of whites in a place like Boston or Scranton, Pennsylvania," Obama said, "where, at time of economic stress and difficulty, suddenly blacks are moving in and kids are being bused, and there’s some sense that the economic competition is being tilted unfairly because of affirmative action. You think about her generation and her background, coming from a neighborhood in New York that went through some of those same things. And I’m sure that that is part of what’s in her mind. And it’s a mistake then to simply tag it as racist. It’s not– that’s not what’s going on."

Obama’s campaign did of course call for Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, to fire Ferraro, despite the candidate’s I-am-America understanding of her working-class resentments….

- jpt

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