By Jennifer Parker

Mar 27, 2008 10:30am

What’s stopping the Democratic presidential candidates from stepping forward and saying that even more important than electing their individual candidacies is electing a Democrat? What’s stopping Sen. Barack Obama from saying if he doesn’t win the nomination he will work his heart out for Sen. Hillary Clinton, and vice versa? (Vice versa is actually more important, since Clinton is the one who has implied McCain is more prepared than Obama to be commander-in-chief.)

Where are Roger Clinton, and Tony and Hugh Rodham these days?

That Bosnia sniper story was being questioned weeks ago. Did no staffer tell Clinton to double-check the facts before repeating the embellished tale (and actually making it worse) last week?

Is anyone telling Michelle Obama how some of her comments sound to middle Americans her husband needs? Does she care or is she writing them off disdainfully?

And what is Barack Obama doing to reach out to these blue collar folks? Economic addresses at Cooper Union?

How is it that John McCain is 71 years old and still doesn’t know how to give a speech?

- jpt

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