Race and Ohio

By Jaketapper

Mar 4, 2008 11:52pm

Interesting exit poll nugget from Ohio…

If I’m reading this exit poll correctly, 20% of Ohio Democrats who voted said race was important…and they broke for Clinton 61% to 38%.

That’s quite an edge.

ABC News polling director Gary Langer breaks it down in an email:

19 percent of whites said race was important in their vote; 80 percent, not important.

25 percent of blacks said race was important in their vote; 75 percent, not important.

Whites who said it was important went 77-21 for Clinton. White who said race was not important went 63-35 for Clinton.

Blacks overall went 86-14 for Obama. Blacks who said race was important, 84-16 for Obama.

Incidentally, the same exit polls indicates that gender was important for 17% of voters…Those voters went overwhelmingly FOR Clinton 62% to 38%.

Those who said gender was not important went for Clinton 54% to 44%.

What do you make of these numbers?

- jpt

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