Bill Tells Crowd Hill Can Win; Checks Will Help

Apr 15, 2008 5:11pm

ABC News’ Sarah Amos Reports: With the Pennsylvania primary right around the corner, former President Bill Clinton is focusing his attention on the state, and appealing to Pennsylvanians for their votes – and maybe a bit of their money as well. As Clinton travels around the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia today, he is reminding voters that his wife can not only win their home state, but win the nomination as well. I want to tell you this. The last thing I want to say. Anytime you hear somebody telling you you oughta, it’s cause they’re afraid you won’t. Anytime you hear somebody tell you you can’t win, it’s ’cause they’re afraid you will. So I want you to get out there and work for her," Clinton told a crowd in Coatsville, PA.

"I believe if Pennsylvania gives her a big victory she can win this nomination. Let me just say this. Let me tell you this. Anytime

Clinton went on to tell the crowd that they shouldn’t pay attention to the fact that Senator Barack Obama is massively outspending Hillary in the state.

"I want to say one other thing. She can win being outspent. The first two weeks of this television campaign she was outspent five-to-one on television. But she can’t be blown out. So the other thing you can do besides vote for her and make calls for her and give the people the reasons I gave you, is if you know somebody that can send ten dollars or five dollars or fifteen dollars on the Internet, tell them to go to Hillary and do this," Clinton asked the crowd.

The need for campaign cash has not been a main focus in the former President’s speeches since the days of the Potomac primary states, and more recently, the Texas primary. Today however, Clinton has talked about it at every event, reminding each crowd that Hillary can win even if she continues to be outspent by her opponent.

Surprisingly Absent from Clinton’s speeches today, were the now standard references to Senator Obama’s comments rural America being bitter. President Clinton did allude to the comment to a crowd in Quakertown, PA, telling the crowd that older American know better than to buy into some of the statements Hillary’s opponent has made recently.

"Because once you’ve reached a certain age, you won’t sit there and listen to somebody tell you there’s really no difference between what happened in the Bush years and the Clinton years; that there’s not much difference in how small-town Pennsylvania fared when I was president, and in this decade," said Clinton.

Clinton was joined on the campaign trail today by Hillary supporter and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, who also took a quick second in Coatsville to mention Obama’s remarks.

"We need a leader who won’t quit, who’ll fight for us, who’ll stand by us. And you know, there’s a lot of controversy about Senator Obama’s remarks. And you can take them in any way you can. But I know that Pennsylvanians never quit. We never give up. We’re resilient people. And we’re proud. And sure, we’ve suffered some blows, we’ve suffered some blows. We’ve suffered some blows, but we suck it up, we work together as a community and we fight back, and we fight back. And we have a candidate who has done just that. Every time they counted Hillary Clinton out, she’s fought back, she’s sucked it up. And you know what, that’s what we need in the White House," Rendell told the crowd as he introduced President Clinton.

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