Bill to NC Voters: People Like You Helped Hillary Win PA

By Lindsey Ellerson

Apr 23, 2008 5:33pm

ABC News’ Sarah Amos Reports: The cloudy skies and impending rain could not dampen President Clinton’s good spirits as he campaigned for his wife in Hillsborough, North Carolina this afternoon.

"I am sorry I am a little late, as you might imagine I got in a little late from Pennsylvania last night.  But I just wanna say a couple of words about that.  Hillary was outspent on television, three to one by almost 8 million dollars.  And she won anyways, by 10 points.  She carried, 61 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties because of people like you and places like this," said Clinton as he greeted the crowd that had gathered on a local baseball diamond.   

"And today her opponent’s campaign strategist said, ‘well we don’t really need these working class people to win, half the time they vote for Republicans anyways.  And I will tell you something, America needs you to win and therefore Hillary wants your support and I hope you will help her in this primary in North Carolina," continued the former president.

Clinton may have been referring to comments made by Obama strategist, David Alexrod.   “The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes," Axelrod told NPR.

Clinton also spoke about the now canceled North Carolina debate between the two candidates.

"I saw the debate in Pennsylvania.  And uh, afterwards, 41 percent of the voters watched it and by 52 to 22 they said Hillary won," said Clinton, as a possible reason why Obama was refusing to commit to the debate.

With five outdoor rallies today across the state, the Bill Clinton’s schedule is reminiscent of his time spent campaigning in Texas. The baseball field at the first event was conveniently close to an early polling station – allowing Hillary supporters to both see the former president and vote for Hillary in one swoop.

"I think we’re at an early voting site, right? So I’m supposed to remind you to vote early. Unless you haven’t made up your mind, in which case, let me talk to you some more," Clinton joked with the crowd.

In a new twist though, Clinton took time to answer questions people had sent in to  The issues ranged from gas prices to healthcare and Clinton went through his entire list giving in depth answers to all.

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