Carter Will Not Endorse Until The Convention

By Lindsey Ellerson

Apr 13, 2008 5:59am

ABC News’ Mary Bruce Reports: Former President Jimmy Carter confirmed in an exclusive "This Week" interview with George Stephanopoulos that he will not be endorsing any time soon. "The only thing I know is that, I have not made an endorsement, and don’t intend to, until the time of the convention."

Despite previously dropping hints in favor of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., Carter said "I’ll let you make your own judgment…about my inclinations.  I’ve told you what I — as much as I intend to reveal."

On the state of the Democratic race, Carter said he agreed that superdelegates should not overturn the will of the people but that "any superdelegate who wishes to deviate from that opinion should be perfectly free to do so." He went on to warn that "it would be a very serious mistake for the Democratic Party… if a candidate had the majority of popular votes, the majority of delegates and a majority of states — all three — were the superdelegates to vote contrary to that, I think it would be very difficult to explain."

Carter harkened back to his own experience in 1980, when asked whether the lengthy 2008 nomination process is hurting the Democratic process. "The Democratic Party, unfortunately, was split very badly.  And maybe it was my fault, because I didn’t hold it together while I was president. But you may or may not remember that on the reviewing stand at the convention, after I clearly defeated Senator Kennedy two-to-one, he refused to shake my hand, ostentatiously, and made it clear to his supporters that he was not supporting me." So, you know, that was a situation that I think, I hope was unique in American Democratic politics. And I don’t have any doubt, at this point, that no matter who wins at the Democratic convention, that the other candidate and all of the Democratic delegates will fully support the one who is finally chosen."

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