Obama’s Shot at Clinton’s Shot

By Nitya

Apr 14, 2008 11:11am

ABC News’ David Wright, Andy Fies and Sunlen Miller Report:  At a morning event in Pittsburgh, Sen. Obama directed a new line of attack at his Democratic rival Sen. Hillary Clinton in the fallout surrounding recent remarks where he cast small town voters as "bitter".

Without mention any candidate by name, Obama said "Around election time, the candidates they just can’t do enough. They’ll promise you anything, they’ll give you a long list of proposals. They’ll even come around, with TV crews in tow and throw back a shot and a beer." (On Saturday, Clinton had a beer and did a shot of whiskey at Bronko’s Restaurant in Indiana.)

Obama himself is not innocent of lugging around a TV crew to film him enjoying a beer – on March 28th in Latrobe, Pennsylvania Obama and Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey toasted over Yuenglings at Sharky’s Café – with pool of TV cameras in tow.

At the event, where Obama addressed the Alliance for American Manufacturers and emphasized his work with local steel plants as a community organizer in Chicago early on in his career, Obama again admitted his poor choice of words remarks at a San Francisco fundraiser last week but turned the argument around on his two opponents, charging McCain and Clinton with questioning his respect for the workers of Pennsylvania.

"They’re saying that I’m "out of touch",I’m an "elitist" because I said a lot of folks are bitter about their economic circumstances," Obama said, "When I hear my opponents, both of whom have spent decades in Washington, saying I’m out of touch, it’s time to cut through the rhetoric and look at the reality."

Obama emphasized his opposition to NAFTA and CAFTA in front of the union crowd, and again pointed out Clinton’s changing position in addition to her top strategist Mark Penn’s meeting with the Columbian government.

"You can have a debate about whether my position is right or wrong. But here’s what you can’t do. You can’t spend the better part of two decades campaigning for NAFTA and PNTR for China, and then come here to Pennsylvania, and tell the steelworkers you’ve been with them all along," Obama said. "You can’t say you are opposed to the Colombia Trade deal, while your key strategist is working for the Colombian government to get the deal passed."

Senator Clinton is also slated to address the group this morning as well.

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