Surrogate Watch, Part 676

By Theresa Cook

Apr 8, 2008 4:23pm

Following Obama-backing Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s impugning of Sen. John McCain’s sensitivity because he killed Vietnamese from a distance — "McCain was a fighter pilot, who dropped laser-guided missiles from 35,000 feet. He was long gone when they hit. What happened when they [the missiles] get to the ground? He doesn’t know. You have to care about the lives of people. McCain never gets into those issues" — come:

1) An Apology to McCain from Rockefeller

As reported in the State Journal, Rockefeller phoned McCain to say sorry. In a statement, he wrote: “I have deep respect for John McCain’s honorable and noble service to our country. I made an inaccurate and wrong analogy and I have extended my sincere apology to him. While we differ a great deal on policy issues, I profoundly respect and appreciate his dedication to our country, and I regret my very poor choice of words."

2) Another Call for Obama to Condemn the Remarks

On Fox News, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, said, "I hope Senator Obama will comment on this. I hope he will step up to the plate and say, ‘You know whatever differences I have with Senator McCain, this is out of bounds. I don’t question his humanity.’ You know, John McCain was a fighter pilot assigned his missions by the United States Navy and I can’t think of a more noble thing to do for your country than to fight for freedom and to serve in uniform. So John will move on, but I hope Obama will comment on this."

- jpt

UPDATE: Oama spox Tommy Vietor: "Senator Obama has a deep respect for Senator McCain’s service to this country and doesn’t agree with what Senator Rockefeller said.”

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