Clinton Argues She Never Lost Touch

May 3, 2008 6:10pm

ABC News Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton, speaking in Mooresville, N.C., today, tried to make the point that she understands what voters are going through because of her middle class values -– and that she has never lost touch with those values.

"I understand what families have gone through because I have never lost touch," she said. "I come from a middle class family. My late father did not believe in credit at all. You know, he didn’t borrow a penny. He was always afraid that, you know, once you started you wouldn’t know where it was going to stop. So we never had credit cards. He saved up his money to buy a house."

Clinton said it was a family "that believed you do not live beyond your means. You pay for what you get. You paid your bills. I pay my credit card bills off every month, otherwise I’m afraid my father…" and the crowd laughed.

Clinton outlined her attack on her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, as she has earlier, mentioning healthcare, the gas tax and the housing foreclosure crisis.

"We’ve seen this before," she said. "Instead of attacking the problems, he’s attacking my solutions. And this is part of a larger difference between us. It’s a difference that I think you should really consider as you move towards voting on Tuesday. Because you’ve gotta to make up your minds about who really is on your side.

"There is a big difference between us, and the question is this: Who understands what you are going through and who will stand up for you?" she said.

Clinton was speaking at the NASCAR Racing Hall of Fame Museum and dropped many racing references. She said the country "is in the ditch. I think it’s gone off into the ditch and I think we need to pull it out."

She then compared this primary to a NASCAR race, saying, "it’s kind of like a big NASCAR event. The biggest event in the history of sports right? It’s like the NASCAR of Democratic primary elections. We do need to get somebody back in that driver’s seat."

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