Clinton Delivers Scripted Attacks Against McCain

By Dotcomabc

May 17, 2008 6:46pm

ABC News’ Eloise Harper reports: Reading from a lectern in Frankfurt, Ky., Sen. Hillary Clinton made attacks against the presumptive Republican nominee, point by point. Clinton glanced back and forth between her notes as she slammed Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., for his plan concerning the home foreclosure crisis and his economic plan as a whole.

"In the end, Sen. McCain’s economic policy boils down to this: Don’t just continue driving our nation in the wrong direction. Put your foot on the accelerator and gun it."

Clinton went through several points about why McCain’s ideas were wrong. She said, "You really have to work hard to have a tax plan that is more tilted toward the wealthy than President Bush’s tax plan, but somehow John McCain has figured out a way to do it."

Clinton continued to say that she was right about the housing crisis from the beginning, while McCain just attacked Clinton and her colleagues.

"Like President Bush, Sen. McCain refused to acknowledge the home mortgage crisis until it spiraled out of control. He has spent his time blaming homeowners and criticizing Democrats like me for trying to find solutions. Well, I’ve been saying for more than a year we had to try to find a solution to the home mortgage crisis."

Clinton accused McCain of not understanding the problems of the American people, saying he was out of touch, a similar attack she made about Sen. Barack Obama weeks ago.

"So Sen. McCain sees millions of Americans who are working two jobs to get by, holding their breath at the gas pump and at the supermarket checkout line, worried about the mortgage, the tuition bills, the doctors’ bills, working to save for retirement. [They’re] making a living out of a fixed income that is getting more and more eaten away by all of these increased expenses. And Sen. McCain decided that America’s most pressing economic priority is to cut taxes for our largest corporations. I don’t know that you can be more out of touch than that."

Clinton generally has been abstaining from attacking her Democratic rival, instead focusing on President Bush, and today John McCain. Clinton has been crossing Kentucky — with less of a focus on rallies — but more unusual stops including visiting a whiskey distillery and a street fair.

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