Clinton Plays Offense — Targets Obama

May 4, 2008 2:42pm

ABC News’ Eloise Harper reports: Sen. Hillary Clinton is two days away from the Indiana and North Carolina primaries. Speaking today in Ft. Wayne, Ind., Clinton chiseled down her once 40-minute stump speech to a 16-minute delivery of points aimed directly at Barack Obama.

On the gas tax holiday: "My opponent is running ads and holding press conferences and attacking me because I have a plan to try to get oil companies to pay the gas tax this summer instead of you paying."

On the mortgage crisis: "Now Sen. Obama doesn’t agree with me in making a home foreclosure moratorium, but I think what I’ve proposed will finally give a little more balance in the scales."

On health care: "My opponent doesn’t cover everybody, he leaves 15 million people out and I think that’s a mistake."

Clinton is trying to make the point in these last days that she is the candidate who recognizes what average Americans are going through.

"I understand what folks are up against," she said. "There is a big difference between us, who understands what you are going through and who can you count on to be on your side to get the solutions that are going to help you for a change, instead of [helping] the folks who are already doing very well."

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