McCain Jokes About Age, Democrats, on Saturday Night Live

May 18, 2008 6:27am

ABC News’s Bret Hovell reports: Senator John McCain appeared in two sketches on season finale of "Saturday Night Live", one in which he urged his rivals on the Democratic side to keep battling it out, and another, self-deprecating piece in which he made fun of his reputation as a cost cutter in the Senate, and his advanced age.

"What should we be looking for in our next president?" McCain asked at the beginning of a faux political advertisement. "Certainly someone who is very, very, very old."

Decrying so-called "pork barrel" spending, of which McCain is a strident opponent, the presumptive Republican nominee repeated an oft-used line from his stump speech: that he has never brought home to his state of Arizona any pork barrel money.

"Not even highway funds," McCain said. "When I entered the Senate in 1987, Arizona at 47,000 miles of paved roadway. Today, it’s less than 900."

"I’ve also opposed federal water projects, even when they’ve benefited my state. That’s why thanks to me, fifteen percent of Arizona citizens must get their drinking water from cactus."

"My friends, controlling government spending isn’t just about Republicans or Democrats. It’s about being able to look your children in the eye. Or in my case, my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren, and great great great grandchildren, the youngest of whom are nearing retirement," the 71-year-old joked.

Later, joining cast members Seth Meyers and Amy Poheler on the "Weekend Update" set, McCain argued for the protracted race on the Democratic side to continue.

"I want to give you this piece of advice, Democrats," McCain said. "I have to urge you, do not, under any circumstances, pick a candidate too soon."

Meyers followed up: "Oh, so you don’t think Hillary should drop out?" he asked McCain.

"Absolutely not," said the Senator.

Poehler then snapped at Meyers: "Told you."

"Cool it," said Meyers.

"You cool it," said Poehler.

"That’s right, fight amongst yourselves," said McCain, whom many believe has benefited greatly by the unresolved nature of the Democratic race. McCain sealed up his party’s nod in early March, while the Democrats have yet to settle on a candidate.

"Imagine the excitement of leaving the [Democratic National] Convention and still not knowing who the nominee is. That would be crazy. Crazy exciting," McCain predicted.

He concluded his time on the "Weekend Update" set by recommending one more candidate for Democratic consideration.

"I also thought John Edwards had a lot of good ideas," McCain said. "You might want to kick the tires on him one more time."

McCain hosted SNL in 2002. During that show he played then-attorney general John Ashcroft in a send-up of the cable news show Hardball, and sang some Barbara Streisand songs.

Senators Barack Obama, D-IL, and Hilary Clinton, D-NY, have both made cameo appearances on the program this season.

McCain spent part of the day Saturday on the set of SNL rehearsing. Actor Steve Carell hosted the show, and the musical guest was Usher, with whom McCain could be seen chatting at the end of the program.

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