President Clinton Acknowledges There Have Been “Moments” of Gender Bias

By John Santucci

May 20, 2008 3:44pm

ABC News’ Kate Snow and Eloise Harper report: Senator Clinton and her husband stopped by a restaurant earlier today in Louisville, KY. President Clinton was mobbed by reporters and at times Senator Clinton was spotted alone wandering around signing a few autographs – while President Clinton answered questions on gender in the race, Michigan and Florida and a joint ticket.

Asked by ABC’s Kate Snow if gender had been a factor in this race the president replied saying that there might have been moments.  "I don’t think there’s any question there have been moments in this campaign when the sort of gender biases and pre-suppositions have come out. But she’s done well. She just keeps going on. I think it’s really been very interesting to see. I’m very proud of her."  Clinton also said this about sexism in the race "You know when this is all over everybody will go back and unpack it all. You know, I’m not sure anybody knows. But I think that over time, you look at how her vote has steadily risen among men? In these primaries? I think in part because people have become more comfortable with the idea that she could be president." The former president continued to say.

President Clinton was also asked about a unity ticket – and said that the two people that "should" be talking about it are his wife and Senator Obama. "I have no business talking about that. There are only two people in America who should be talking about that – the rest of us should be silent and observe." It was unclear if the president was implying that he agreed Senator Obama and Clinton speak about it – or if he meant that people should stop speculating.

The former president also said there will be no nominee determined this evening and what the DNC is doing with Florida and Michigan is not smart and reminiscent of what the Republicans did with Florida. "There won’t be (a nominee) tonight, unless you decapitate Michigan and Florida which is violates our values and is dumb politics. Look at I never I’d live to see it. Republicans are supposed to be the people who don’t count votes in Florida not democrats".

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