While You Were Sleeping

By Saira Anees

May 27, 2008 2:56pm

Sen. Barack Obama’s seemingly insurmountable lead definitively was built up in February, whilst Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, was busy dealing with the press fallout after lending her campaign money, saying goodbye to her campaign manager, and otherwise running a not-so-hot campaign.

Talal Alkhatib of the ABC News Political Unit crunched the numbers, and here’s the breakdown.

February 9:

Louisiana primary – Obama nets 12 pledged delegates over Clinton.

Nebraska caucuses – Obama nets eight.

Washington caucuses – Obama nets 26.

Virgin Islands caucuses – Obama nets three.

February 10:

Maine caucuses – Obama nets six.

February 12, Potomac Primaries:

Maryland primary – Obama nets 14.

Virginia primary – Obama nets 25.

Washington DC primary – Obama nets nine.

February 19:

Hawaii caucuses – Obama nets eight.

Wisconsin primary – Obama nets 10.

Post-Super Tuesday February contests gave Obama net 121 delegates over Clinton.

She currently trails him by 159 pledged delegates, and 203 delegates total.

Who knows where we’d be today if Clinton had had a post-Super Tuesday strategy.

Ready on Day 67.

- jpt

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