Clintons Return from Vacation, Barely Mention Obama in Public Statements

By Kelly Moeller

Jun 23, 2008 12:26pm

We took a look this morning on Good Morning America at those remaining tensions between Sens. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, and Barack Obama, D-Illinois.

In a speech before the U.S. Conference of Mayors, former President Bill Clinton only mentioned Obama once, and that was just to say he was pleased to hear Obama was going to support the COPS program, which Clinton signed into law.

At a commencement address, Sen. Hillary Clinton didn’t mention Obama by name once, though she did comment on the trailblazing aspects to her and his campaigns.


For what it’s worth, last week in Detroit, after some of his supporters booed Clinton, Obama lectured them, even calling to one in a cheaper seat — "You up there!  Sen. Clinton is one of the finest public servants we have in American life today! She has fought tirelessly to provide children a decent start in life. She has fought tirelessly to make sure that every American has the health care that they deserve. She has been on the right side of just about every battle that we have fought – she has, in her own words, shattered a glass ceiling into 18 million pieces.

"She has lifted up the sights of young women all across America including my two daughters," Obama continued. "She is worthy of our respect, she is worthy of our honor. She is going to be at the forefront of bringing about change in America. And I am so proud to have run against Hillary Clinton in this primary season. And she’s tough! That’s why this race took so long. She’s a fighter and we need fighter in the Democratic party. Because we’ve got a lot to fight for. There’s a lot worth fighting for. I’m a better candidate because Sen. Clinton ran and we were able to organize in every state, all across this union and boost turnout and get young people involved all across America because of this long primary.  So this has been a good thing."

Of course, it’s easier to be gracious when you win.

- jpt

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