Minnesota Feminist Leader Will Not Vote for Obama, Doesn’t Care If McCain Wins

By Kelly Moeller

Jun 2, 2008 1:09pm

The founder of the DFL Feminist Caucus in swing state Minnesota, Koryne Horbal, tells the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that she is pushing a petition drive to secure the commitment of feminists everywhere to write-in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s name in November.

What if that means Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., becomes president?

"I don’t care," Horbal said. "Let McCain clean it up for four years, and then we can have Hillary run again."

It’s fairly irrefutable that should there be a Supreme Court vacancy in the next four years, which there probably will be, McCain will appoint a Justice who in all likelihood will be the final vote to overturn Roe v Wade.

I’m not making a value judgment here on that — it’s just a fact. It’s one of the reasons why many conservatives will vote for McCain, whom they dislike on several other issues.

So how do these feminists reconcile that?

Write in, friends, please explain.

I’m aware of the disappointment by Clinton supporters, the sexist treatment of Clinton by many members of the media. I don’t dismiss any of that. But I thought abortion rights were an important part of the feminist movement.

Would Ms. Horbal feel the same way if she were 21 instead of 71?

- jpt

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