Obama: Clinton and I Will Be Working Together in Nov.

By Lindsey Ellerson

Jun 2, 2008 3:25pm

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: On the eve of the last presidential primaries, Democratic frontrunner Sen. Barack Obama praised his party rival, yet focused almost exclusively on the presumptive Republican nominee while campaigning in the general election state of Michigan.

"Senator Clinton has run an outstanding race, she is an outstanding public servant,” Obama said at a town hall in Troy, Michigan, adding "she and I will be working together in November" though he gave no details as to what that relationship would be.

Obama’s talk of Democratic unity – and of the idea that Clinton and Obama would be working "together" – solicited one of the largest applause lines from the audience of 2,000.

Obama was quick to switch his remarks to Senator McCain – focusing his criticisms of the presumptive Republican nominee on the economy – in an middle class area of Michigan plagued by home foreclosures.

"Senator McCain wants to double down on the Bush economic plan," Obama said before rattling off a list of the differences between himself and McCain, suggesting that the Arizona senator supports "deals that work for Wall Street, but not for Main Street."

"Rather than reforming an unfair tax system and offering the middle class some relief, he’s offering more tax loopholes for corporations and the wealthy we just can’t afford. Rather than making health care affordable for every American, like I’ve proposed, he’s offering a health care plan that puts coverage at risk and that’s designed for folks who are already healthy and able to afford health care at any price. And rather than standing up for robust trade that works for all Americans, as I do, he’s supporting more trade deals that work for Wall Street, but not for Main Street."

Obama said that McCain – like Bush – has been too focused on pursing the Iraq war that they have lost sight of domestic problems at home.

Senator Obama will stop by a shift change at a Rite Aid distribution center later today in Michigan in an attempt to woo the blue collar vote in a state Obama will vie heavily for in the November general election.

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