Baseball Fans Chant for McCain/Giuliani 2008 Ticket

By Lee Speigel

Jul 20, 2008 3:14pm

ABC News’ Ed O’Keefe and Jennifer Duck report: One-time GOP rivals John McCain and Rudy Giuliani bonded over hot dogs and twizzlers in front row seats by the New York Yankees dugout Sunday, providing a snapshot of a possible Republican ticket. A reporter disguised as a fan shouted to McCain, "How about Rudy for vice president?"  The presumptive Republican nominee, casually dressed in sunglasses, a collared shirt with rolled sleeves and his Navy baseball cap, just smiled and waved. Reporters then swarmed around Giuliani, asking if he would accept the role as vice president.  "I’m not thinking about any of those things," Giuliani responded. "I know you are! You have a right to think about it. And I have a right not to think about it because we’ve got an election right now to think about and get it done right." WATCH VIDEO OF MCCAIN AND GIULIANI AT THE GAME. Although Giuliani will be speaking and raising money tomorrow for Republicans through his Political Action Committee, "Solutions America," the former NYC mayor said he won’t have any major announcements, and he is speaking out to help Republicans around the country in tough Senate, congressional and gubernatorial races. ""I’m not making any big announcement at all. No big announcement. The only thing I’m trying to do is to help Republicans," Giuliani said. Amid shouts of "I voted for you" and "Hey, Rudy, 2012!" Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., signed seven baseballs tossed from the Yankee faithful.  After McCain signed the program of one young fan wearing a Derek Jeter jersey, the child’s father commented, "That’s the next president of the United States." McCain talked with managers from both the Yankees and their opponents the Oakland A’s.  Oakland manager Bob Garen asked McCain what it’s like running for president.  "It’s like being in AA [baseball] and all of a sudden you’re playing in Yankee Stadium," McCain said. With the stadium filling, several more boisterous Yankees fans began a chant of "Hey, McCain" and applauded in an effort to get the candidate’s attention. When the 71-year-old presidential candidate failed to respond to the crowd at first, one Yankee fan commented, "He can’t hear!" McCain then turned and waved to thundering applause and shouts of "Run with him Rudy." Breaking into a "Rudy" chant, the crowd watched as McCain and Giuliani, alongside his wife Judith, took their seats. Judith Giuliani attracted nearly as much attention as the candidate himself, clad in a navy blazer, white pants, and turquoise necklace, topped by a Yankees hat embroidered with "Giuliani" on the back. With the game tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 6th inning, McCain and the Giulianis ducked out of the scorching heat, leaving through the Yankees dugout to waves and applause, and moving up to cooler, likely conditioned box seats. 

Today wasn’t the first time the two men have shared a slice of America’s pastime.  During the 2001 World Series, Giuliani and McCain attended a game with more of a competitive edge. Giuliani rooted for the New York Yankees as McCain cheered for his hometown team, and the eventual winner, the Arizona Diamondbacks. "John and I watched some of the 2001 World Series here together. So, we have great memories, and very, very difficult memories of that period of time," Giuliani told reporters on the field.  "Then, I went out to Arizona with him for two games, and it was a very emotional World Series, that particular one. He’s a good friend. We’ve also been to the Fiesta Bowl together, and I’ve gone to sporting events with John throughout the years. He’s a good friend. So, it’s a little different now that he’s a presidential candidate, but it’s the same John McCain." Joint-ticket or not, the day was clearly a special occasion and allowed Giuliani to move closer to at least one playing field.  Giuliani’s normal seats are a few rows back from where he and McCain sat today, and fans in nearby seats noted Donald Trump usually dominates the front row.  Locals who were sitting near the trio say the seats have a $250 face value, but will cost over $2,000 in the new stadium next year.

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