LULAC Urges ’08ers to Place More Hispanics in Government

By Alexa Ainsworth

Jul 7, 2008 3:20pm

ABC News’ Alexa Ainsworth Reports: With John McCain and Barack Obama set to address the League of United Latin American Citizens on Tuesday, the Latino organization held a press conference Monday in Washington, D.C., to urge the presidential candidates to make Hispanic representation in the federal government a priority.

LULAC’s executive director specifically challenged the candidates to reissue federal order 13171.

On immigration, LULAC president Rosa Rosales said that both candidates have not been "direct" enough on comprehensive immigration reform.

"They have not been very direct," said Rosales. "We want comprehensive immigration reform. We want Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain to be more specific about a plan of action. We want them to be specific about what their plans for immigration, health care, the economy. LULAC and the Hispanic community would like to hear more from them".

She said that she will "not comment" on whether McCain is a "flip-flopper" on immigration.

She added, however, that what she hears now from McCain is that the issue "is about security."

"LULAC does want more security," she said. "But not walls".

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