McCaskill Says She’s Not Being Vetted for VP

Jul 27, 2008 10:27am

Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-MO, has not been asked by Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign to hand over personal documents as part of a vetting process to select his future vice-presidential running mate. In an interview on "Fox News Sunday", host Chris Wallace asked McCaskill if she had been asked to turn over documents. "I have not," she replied. The Missouri senator, a close friend of Obama, D-IL, has been viewed as a possible pick to be his vice-presidential running mate. In the past, she has stated that anyone would be interested in the position, but today, even while reiterating that stance, she acknowledged that she has not been asked to undergo the vetting process. Still, McCaskill undoubtedly remains an important figure in Obama’s run for the Oval Office, even in a role that now looks to be more "personal adviser" than running mate. She has been a vocal supporter for Obama dating back to the Democratic primaries, when she helped him earn a key victory over Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, in the Show-Me State. Today McCaskill said that even if Obama doesn’t select Clinton as his running mate, he will still have the support of female voters. "Hillary Clinton has done a wonderful job helping unite our party," she said. "She gets all the credit for doing the right things, saying the right things. I think we’re going to be fine with women…with or without Hillary Clinton." McCaskill acknowledged that she would be interested in the vice-presidential slot and that anyone in Washington claiming otherwise is not being "candid". "I think anybody in Washington would be thrilled to be asked to be vice president," she said. "So you’d say yes?," asked Wallace. "I would like to meet somebody who wouldn’t," McCaskill replied. "If they’re saying they wouldn’t, I don’t think that they are being as candid or as upfront with the American people as probably they should be."

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