Obama Says Trip Abroad Might Hurt Him Politically

By Jennifer Parker

Jul 26, 2008 8:15am

LONDON — "I am not sure that there is going to be some immediate
political impact," Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, told reporters today
about his eight-day, eight-country world tour.

"I wouldn’t even be surprised if that in some polls that you saw a
little bit of a dip as a consequence we have been out of the country
for a week," he said. "People are worried about gas prices and home

Obama was also asked about Sen. John McCain’s reference to Obama’s trip as a "premature victory lap."

"It is hard for me to understand Senator McCain’s argument," Obama
said. "He was telling me I was suppose to take this trip. He suggested
it and thought it was a good idea — although I have to admit we had it
planned before he made the suggestion."

Obama said that "John McCain has visited every one of these countries
post-primary that I have. He has given speeches in Canada, in Colombia,
Mexico, he made visits. And so it doesn’t strike me that we have done
anything different than the McCain campaign has done which is to
recognize that part of the job of the next president, commander in
chief is to forge effective relationships with our allies."

- jpt

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