Romney: “I Don’t Expect to be a Part of It”

By Julia Hoppock

Jul 30, 2008 4:28pm

ABC New’s Matt Stuart Reports: It’s all about expectations. At least, many political strategists would argue campaigning depends on just that: expectations.  And after perfecting the art in a yearlong primary campaign, former Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is again trying to manage expectations, only this time, it’s the veepstakes. Appearing on Denver Radio station 850 KOA Wednesday, Romney claimed he didn’t expect to join presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain’s ticket.  "I think there’s some great people he could choose from," Romney said, "and I expect he will do that.   But I don’t plan on being part of the ticket." Romney, in fact, has said as much for some time.  Appearing on CNN earlier this month, Romney said "I expect to support the administration and the McCain team.  I don’t expect to be part of it."  Of course, in the speculation-filled world that is the vice presidential process, even no news can be news. Lest you think Romney is truly out of the running, the former MA. Gov. also stated today that "any Republican who was offered the chance to be VP would certainly serve their party and serve our nominee." But today’s interview also displayed the pitfalls of Romney-as-McCain-surrogate following their bitter primary battle.  Today, Romney argued that the election will boil down to John McCain’s experience as a person who "knows what it takes to strengthen the economy." In January, as Romney and McCain fought for votes in Florida, Romney was singing a very different tune.  At that time, Romney focused his attacks on McCain statement that he "still need[ed] to be educated" on the economy. On the day of the Florida primary, Romney argued with only a hint of subtly, "One of the candidates out there running for president said that the economy is not his strong suit; well, it’s my strong suit."

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