Cindy McCain tells Stephanopoulos that Obama Offended Her

By Julia Hoppock

Aug 30, 2008 2:07pm

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos reports: Democrats’ attacks on her family’s wealth are unfair and offensive, Cindy McCain said today in an interview airing tomorrow on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."

For nearly two weeks, Democrats have repeatedly hit Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., for saying he is unaware of how many houses he owns, calling the presumptive Republican presidential nominee out of touch with everyday Americans.  In his acceptance speech at the Democratic convention on Thursday, Democratic nominee Barack Obama turned up the heat on McCain, saying he "doesn’t know" about the lives of middle-class Americans.

"I’m offended by Barack Obama saying that about my husband," said McCain’s wife Cindy.
When asked if Obama went too far in his criticism of McCain, Cindy responded, "I do. I do. I really do."

McCain also said beer the distributorship her father built, which is the source of much her family’s wealth, typifies the American Dream. 

"My father had nothing. He and my mother sold everything they had to raise $10,000," she said. "I’m proud of what my dad and my mother did and what they built and left me.  And I intend to carry their legacy as long as I can."

More of the exclusive interview with Cindy McCain airs tomorrow on "This Week."

UPDATE: The Obama campaign is not backing down. "The fact that John McCain does not know how many houses he owns when millions are struggling to stay in the only house they have shows he’s out of touch with the lives of real Americans," said Obama spokeswoman Linda Douglass Saturday afternoon. "McCain is promising to double down on the economic policies of George W. Bush which have benefited corporations and CEO’s while leaving middle-class families behind. John McCain just doesn’t get it."

Douglass later added that "the issue here isn’t the wealth of the McCain family, it’s that Senator McCain is out of touch when he says that the fundamentals of our economy are strong’ and that the Bush economy has ‘made great progress’ when most Americans are actually losing ground."

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller contributed to this report.

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