Does Biden Need to Watch His Language?

By Julia Hoppock

Aug 30, 2008 9:26am

ABC’s Matt Jaffe and Sunlen Miller Report:

For Senator Biden – known for his loose lips and frequent gaffes – every word is being closely watched now that he’s a Vice Presidential candidate.

At the new ticket’s first public event on their bus tour throughout swing states, Senator Biden said a word that was taboo – at least for his running mate – just days before.

"I knew somebody famous was gonna come out of Scranton and I sure as HELL knew it wasn’t gonna be me so I left," Biden joked of his upbringing.

Using the word "hell" in front of an audience is something that Obama frowned upon and corrected his own mistake at a town hall just last week in Wisconsin.

"If we can spend 10-12 billion dollars a month in Iraq we sure as HELL can pay 10-12 million dollars – billion dollars right here in the United States,: Obama said Sunday in Eau Claire.

A moment later Obama stopped and said, "I apologize by the way, I usually say ‘heck,’ especially after church. That sort of slipped out. Sorry kids."

Senator Biden and Obama didn’t offer up such an apology to the audience of 8,000 in Pennsylvania tonight.

Biden was also heard to say "goddamn" at a meet-and-greet with Denver firefighters on Thursday.  Thanking them for saving his sons’ lives in a 1972 car crash that killed his wife and daughter, Biden said, "My two boys are alive because of you guys…I’m alive because my fire company got me in the middle of a goddamn snow storm before my aneurysm burst."

In 1988, Biden needed surgery for two berry aneurysms.  And that expletive was not the only one Biden dropped in Denver. Speaking before Pennsylvania delegates earlier in the day, Biden used the word "hell" at least twice.

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