President Bush Shows Sporty Side at Beijing Olympics

By Jennifer Parker

Aug 9, 2008 6:36am

ABC News’ Jennifer Duck reports from Beijing, China:  Always up for the
competition, President Bush showed his sporty side in Beijing,
volleying with U.S. gold medalist and American professional beach volleyball player Misty May-Treanor after an
"unbelievably difficult" ride on the Olympic mountain bike course.

Bush also huddled up with the U.S. women’s softball team
giving the players a pep talk before their big game.

With a fresh four-inch scrape on his right elbow, the avid mountain
biker explained his ride on the steep, winding Olympic mountain biking course.

"Really really
difficult.  That’s why I’m an amateur and they are Olympians,” Bush
said to reporters and volleyball stars with a smile.

May-Treanor challenged the president to a volley, showing him how to position his arms and bump the ball.

"Little high," Bush said as the ball soared in the air to May-Treanor.
The pro-volleyball player returned the pass with ease but the president refused to dive missing the return as the ball hit the sand with a

Bush posed for a picture with bikini-clad May-Treanor and her
shoulder-bandaged partner Keri Walsh saying, "I’m with the champs right

After the photo, May-Treanor pushed her backside out for the
traditional pat-on-the-butt that is commonly exchanged after a good
play.  Bush smiled politely using the back of his hand to tap the
middle of her back instead.

Watching the record-holding volleyball players practice, Bush joked,
“You can’t make every single play.  Come on!”  Walsh encouraged the
president to "practice with [his dog] Barney" on the South Lawn of the
White House.

Making his way to another Olympic venue, Bush greeted the
U.S. women’s softball team.  The players excitedly chatted about the
games, shaking the president’s hand and patting him on the back.  A
large handprint of chalk was imprinted on the president’s shirt as he
worked his way around field.

Bush huddled up with the team, putting his hands in the center, shouting, "Who do we play for?"

All smiles, the women shouted, "Team U.S.A."

Bush stuck around to watch batting practice after telling the team they were "gold medal champs."

“It’s good for the world for girls to play softball and these women are
going to show young girls how to win.  Great athletes," Bush said
surrounded by the team.

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