McCain Raises Funds with “Raymond” Wife

By Arnab Datta

Aug 25, 2008 6:12pm

ABC News’s Bret Hovell reports: John McCain may call his opponent, Democrat Barack Obama, the celebrity in the race for the White House, but Monday on the campaign trail, McCain traveled with his own set of stars.

Actress Patricia Heaton introduced McCain at a fundraiser in Sacramento, a few hours after he received the endorsement of Latin Grammy winner Daddy Yankee.

Heaton, who played Ray Romano’s wife Debra on the Emmy-winning sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” said that Obama was had a lot more to prove than McCain.

“As an actor, I recognize that our opponent, someone who thinks that if he puts on the right costume and stands on the right set, that we will all believe that he is presidential material.” Heaton said. “But John McCain doesn’t have to pretend because he walks the walk.”

Heaton said it was hard being a pro-life Republican in Hollywood, but that John McCain gives her inspiration.

And she liked the visual a few weeks back of John McCain in a supermarket while Barack Obama was speaking in Berlin. She referred to the picture of McCain in the cheese aisle of the store.

“You know what I thought when I saw that photo? I thought, ‘yeah baby, we are going to win this election,’” Heaton said. “Because I am in the cheese aisle in the grocery store a lot more often than when I am in Berlin, and so are most other Americans.”

She also showed a lighter side, pretending to be disappointed that she was unable to introduce McCain’s wife Cindy.

“I was a little bit disappointed in not being able to introduce Cindy as was originally planned, as she is a beer heiress and I’m Irish-Catholic,” Heaton joked to laughter. “I have a vested interest in seeing her becoming First Lady so I get invited to those White House keg parties.”

Heaton rode along on McCain’s plane from Sacramento back to the LA area. Earlier in the day, Daddy Yankee also flew on the plane, from Phoenix to Sacramento.

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