Bare Sterns*

By Natalie Gewargis

Sep 17, 2008 12:54pm

And just as we noted how Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign misstated what AIG stands for (see previous post), we should point out that McCain this week called the SIPC, or Securities Investor Protection Corporation, the “SPIC." *

More importantly, despite his essential support of the AIG bailout professed this morning, McCain just yesterday told NBC "we cannot have the taxpayers bail out AIG or anybody else," and when asked on CNBC if the government should "let it fail," McCain said "I think you have to."

– jpt

*UPDATE: Due to an over-active spellcheck function on the part of an ABC News computer, this post originally — and erroneously — said the McCain campaign had misspelled "Bear Stearns" and "Fannie Mae" in a press release. It had not, and I regret and apologize for the error.

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