Biden Rides the Rails

By Nitya

Sep 16, 2008 3:25pm

ABC News Matthew Jaffe reports:  Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden loves to talk about how he takes the train from his Wilmington home to his Capitol Hill Senate office every day and back again every night. So when Biden stopped off in Washington for a series of television talk-show interviews Tuesday morning, he didn’t pass up the chance to ride the Amtrak train up to Wilmington for an evening campaign event outside of Philadelphia.

Like a regular customer, Biden, carrying a light brown satchel, arrived on the Union Station platform just before the 2pm departure, stopping to hug a uniformed Amtrak employee and then waving another Amtrak worker over to say hi, shaking his hand and talking to him like an old friend.
Biden didn’t forget to acknowledge his new "friends" either. "Hey, how are ya?" he said to his traveling press corps.

The senator then boarded the Acela train for the one-hour-and-fifteen minute trip north, taking off his jacket and settling into his seat in the Business Class car. Although the train was completely empty when Biden boarded, the general public soon started streaming in.

Biden, who noted that he’s taken the train "every day for the last 35 years" told one lady to "remember to support Amtrak." As the press followed his every move, Biden joked to them, "Get the hell out of the way – I love you but you’re bothering all these people."

In the café car, Biden ordered a non-alcoholic cranberry cocktail.

"I’m the only guy you know who doesn’t drink," he said. "Never had a drink in my life, too many alcoholics in my family."

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee then held court on the rule of law when talking to a few fellow passengers.

"When I go abroad, every world leader I sit with, the first thing they talk about, after about five minutes is about the rule of law," he said. "About Guantanamo, about what’s happening to us, about what’s going on. We literally, we used to be that citadel on a hill…we have used the phrase "we have created rather than dissuaded more terrorists than by our actions."

Upon arrival in Delaware, Biden hopped off at his usual Wilmington stop and ran up to a conductor he knows, startling a K-9 dog that started to bark and pull at his leash. His ride on the rails concluded, Biden then resumed his regular campaign-trail travels, complete with the standard Secret Service motorcade that accompanied him home so he could see his wife Jill and pack for his upcoming events in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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