DNC Video: Bush-McCain: Same Wolves

Sep 10, 2008 6:34pm

ABC News’ Tahman Bradley reports: Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., came under attack Wednesday by the Democratic National Committee for using wolves in a television commercial against rival Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. A new DNC Web video calls the McCain campaign’s use of wolves to attack the Democratic presidential nominee the "same old tactics" as George W. Bush.

The video plays a piece of a 2004 spot by the Bush re-election campaign that uses wolves and meshes it with McCain’s new ad, "Fact Check." To hammer the point home, the closing disclosure line features the voices of both McCain and Bush. Watch it HERE.

During the final stretch of the ’04 election, the Bush-Cheney campaign famously used the image of wolves in a dark forest to paint Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry as weak on national security.

The ’04 election was not the first time that a Republican used a menacing (or potentially menacing) creature against a Democratic opponent in a commercial. In 1984, a Ronald Reagan campaign ad referred to the Soviet threat as a "bear" that his opponent, Walter Mondale, did not even recognize as a threat.

McCain’s original Wednesday ad, which accuses Obama of dispatching a team of operatives to Alaska to dig up some dirt on Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, claims Obama is out to destroy Palin. The Obama campaign says that they have sent no such team to Alaska. 

This time, according to the McCain spot, Democrats are the creatures on the prowl.

Below is a script for the DNC video.


IMAGE: Wolves from John McCain’s Attack Ad

CHYRON: John McCain Attack Ad 2008

VOICEOVER: 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers…

IMAGE: Wolves from Bush Attack Ad

CHYRON: George W. Bush Attack Ad 2004

VOICEOVER: And weakness attacks those that are waiting to do America harm.

MCCAIN: I’m John McCain…

BUSH: I’m George W. Bush…

BUSH & MCCAIN: …and I approved this message.

CHYRON: Same old tactics. Same old policies. Four more years?

This time, according to the McCain spot, Democrats are the creatures on the prowl.

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